Regular Update #01

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi / Unsplash

Well, I decide to force myself to blog more, trying to taking notes of my life and saving some memories I might forget, which I find myself hard to remember some details of the story, mind aswell just start it today.

I got accept by some University, somewhere in Australia, me and Janette are excited since we are seperated for couple of months now.

While she is working on her Major, I just passed my thirty-bar, and start to think, I should get my Major too, targeting Australia then me and Janette can live back together.

So I've been working with some documentations and living in double life, working by the day and prepare all the materials I needed at night. Gadly I picked the right agent who handles complicated things, so till this date I got offer by 3/5 University and I believe it's mostly becuase my agent is doing a good job, although it's my second agent, there's some back story into this, probably will write something about it later maybe.

So I resign my job after some discussion with Janette and funny thing is, after I resign my job my company opens TWO different positions for hiring, till then I realize that I'm always doing two positions job with one position salary. And I'm preparing my IELTS now, I only done some practice on the website and mostly on reading section and listen sections, hope I won't fuck it up.