Who is this dude?

I hate to define my self to someone who you sees on internet that Love  to do something or Doing things that makes the world better.

My name is Benji, I'm a good dude, I was bad but now I'm good. Currently I'm Full-Stack Software Engineer / MIS / IT / DevOps / ... , my job is make all the computers and microservices function like it should be in a Food Production Company in Taiwan/Taipei.

In my spare time, I work on random side-projects on Github and Gitlab, help open source community to grow, big fan of IRC but since people are more focus on fedrated IRC-like service like Matrix.

So, what is this site about?

This site is sharing all the thoughts, Ideas, and Blog my life. I've been on Ghost before, and man it changed a lot since version 1 and 2, now it is not like pure blogging platform now, but I tend to use it like one. Although it's a bit overkill using Ghost for blogging but yeah whatever. feel free to subscribe, there is no reason to but if you feel like want to receive all my thoughts ASAP, do it.

And I won't Spam, promise, mailgun is quite expensive :3