Moved to Ghost(Pro) and why

Recently I moved my blog from dokku self-host to Offical Ghost(Pro).
And I will give you all the information and why I finally done this transfer.

Don't get me wrong, self-host is AWESOME.

I self-host everything, in my daily routine I use various of services brige me to the WWW like RSS reader, E-Mail, IRC, Social network... and such.

All these services are managed by RanchOS on multiple droplet.

Days are good until I resign my job.

Moving out

I decide to ditch RanchOS to Kubernetes, first I need to move my blog out to avoid some data loss. so I decide to try Ghost(Pro).

Few years back I been on Ghost(Pro) for couple of times, it's really nice that user do not have to put hands on the dirty work, it feels like you have Alfred handling all kinds of stuff, but back then cheapest price on Ghost was 15 bucks a month, it's a little bit too much for a Software Engineer which can write a single blog within afternoon or use GitHub Pages, can easily use a 5 bucks VPS to host more than just a blog.

After single click I can export all my blog post, and upload it to my new Ghost(Pro) blog, so here it is.

Moving back to self-host?

I haven't decide if I'm willing to put this blog back to Kubernetes, since I know I'm going to do so many shits to it and probably will face couple of hard restart of this side-project.

In such case, I think I'm going to stick my blog to Ghost(Pro) for couple of month and wait my K8s is stable enough to move it back.

And that's it!