Life Log #2

It has been about a month since I come to Australia. Shit is going crazy and crazier. First of all, I’ve got two offers from QUT information technology. One is starting in July, without EAP, and one is with EAP class and starts in November. The first few days, I’m just chilling, meeting new friends and having fun. All the good dudes are from my home country, so we get along fairly quickly. I believe it’s like the fourth day I am in Australia, and a good friend told me that if I take the offer, which starts in November, I would not be able to have the Christmas holiday with my family. Because the mid-term breaks are only a week-long, Taiwan still has the policy to quarantine seven days after entering the country. So, if I go back to Taiwan and spend some quality Christmas with my family, I will have to take the offer starting in July.

Uh oh, IELTS

It looks like it will be a-okay if I take the offer. However, I didn’t achieve the IELTS score in the writing section. Which needed to be bend 6; I only had 5.5 at the time. So, either I have to redo the IELTS test within two weeks, or I’m going to say bye-bye to Christmas. That is not going to happen under my watch, I said to myself. I booked my IELTS test for a week later and…. I failed. I am writing section scores of 5.5 again. From now on, I can almost see the Christmas holiday waving away from me. However, a day after, my agent told me that in QUT, they agreed students have a late enrolment before Week 2. This is huge news for me. Soon enough, I booked my second IELTS test; another 395 AUD was gone; from this point, I had already spent 1185 AUD on IELTS, and I could not fail again.

The comeback

From this point, I did not care about EAP. Moreover, I did not care about EAP teaching me how to write my essay, and multiple friends told me it would be intense if I started my Master of Information Technology a week late. I want to return to Taiwan and spend my Christmas holiday with my family. So, I borrowed some writing notes from my roommates and memorised multiple templates for the writing section. Furthermore, I stopped practising all the sections to focus on my writing. Reading? Nah, Listening? Too Easy. Speaking? I will force myself to go out and have a random convo with some Aussie, and I believe I will be fine. After five days of practising. Results come in on a Thursday morning as text messages; I got 7.5 on Listening, both Reading and Writing are 6, and Speaking with 6.5. I PASS THE BAR.

Just getting started

Days after, I got my result, just like fast-forwarding. I picked up my results at the IDP the same day I got the text message. After I handed my result to my agent, he told me he would take care of everything else, and 2 hours later, a tuition payment link was sitting inside my mailbox. Paid the bill. Ouch. And going to class on Thursday and Friday, I got my student Id; it’s happening.

Late enrolment is not good.

After I paid my tuition fee, everything started to roll. However, it’s already two weeks gone if you count orientation week. With eight units finished in ten weeks, it’s going to be like shit hits the fan.

The first of a few weeks is just trying to catch up with the classes, watching lecture recordings almost every night and at weekends, trying to finish all the tutorial questions and doing assignments simultaneously.

I just do not have time for anything else. Even my side projects are stopped, along with this blog. Drafts are being updated slowly and no posts are coming out, eventually, I decided to stop doing everything and just focus on my study.